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Extra Virgin;  an organic nectar with a pungent taste.




Besides the vineyards, 25 hectares of the estate are dedicated to olive trees. There are about ten thousand specimens and on average eighteen years old that have been cultivated organically with “winemaker” care. The olive grove also overlooks the last slopes overlooking the mouth of the Neto.

The varieties are Tonda di Strongoli, Carolea, Leccino, Nocellara and Frantoiana. At Pizzuta; the olives are harvested manually in the first ten days of October with mechanical aid. The fruits are cold pressed within 12 hours and the extract is preserved in stainless steel. A third of the production ends up abroad (Belgium but also France, Germany and Luxembourg).

Pizzuta extra virgin olive oil fascinates with scents that evoke the extraordinary habitat in which it is born. Dense, light gold with greenish reflections, it expresses itself with hints of vegetable aromas, intense hints of artichoke and in the mouth it strikes for the pleasant, long bitter-pungent trail.

It is also sold online at the company shop in a 0.5 liter bottle with a measuring cap and in cans of various sizes.