It was a success for La Pizzuta del Principe, company of Strongoli (Kr), at the vertical promoted by Fondazione Italiana Sommelier in Rome – Bibenda at Hotel Rome Cavalieri.
At every turn, a sip of Mediterranean, a passion for the land that was ancient Greeks and who resides in the tradition of a wine-growing company that has rediscovered native vines of the territory.

The mini vertical has aroused great curiosity and interest in the company. The many participants were able to appreciate the quality of the wines of La Pizzuta del Principe.

Two labels representing the wide production of white, red and pink of La Pizzuta del Principe, proposed in the mini vertical: Molarella, a white of Pecorello in purity, an absolute interpreter of the salty shades evoked by the particular micro-climate in which they are born and Grow its fruit; And Jacca Ventu born from the Gaglioppo grape variety, an intense wine, dry and full of ruby ​​red color.

The tasting covered the vintages:

MOLARELLA 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016
JACCAVENT 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015

Molarella and Jacca Ventu are two award-winning labels for national and international wine competitions. The tasting was conducted by Daniela Scrobogna, teacher of the Fondazione Italiana Sommelier together with Albino Bianchi and his wife, Clara Ranieri, the owners of the company, La Pizzuta del Principe Lino Carparelli’s oenologist. And if inside a glass of quality wine there are always great stories and beautiful people, the wines of La Pizzuta del Principe are no exception and tell a story of family tradition begun in the early ‘900. Today, the company produces 9 different labels: white, red and pink, preferring native Calabrian vines such as Pecorello, Canino Magliocco, Greco Nero, Gaglioppo and White Greek. Last year, Pizzuta del Principe expanded its vineyards to another 5 hectares, reaching a production of 80,000 bottles.