O r g a n i z e d T o u r s

Guided tours

Discover our territory

Our farmhouse enjoys a strategic position. Walking only a handful of kilometers you reach the sea and the wonderful city of Crotone. La Pizzuta del Principe organizes suggestive tours to admire the beauty of the area.

T o u r o f M a g n a G r e e c e

Magna Greece

The Pizzuta del Principe organizes guided tours in what was once the Magna Graecia, the complex of colonies founded in southern Italy. To the north you can visit Strongoli, the ancient Magna Graecia Petelia founded by Philoctetes, who brought the vine from distant Thessaly to our territory; Ciro ‘, the ancient Ypsicron, home of Luigi Lilio, reformer of the Gregorian calendar and renowned for its wine; Sybaris, another Greek colony famous for its proverbial lifestyle and for its rivalry with the ancient Kroton.

We therefore offer our guests the opportunity to travel the aforementioned itineraries together and to visit the Capo Rizzuto Marine Reserve and the beaches of our Ionian Sea by boat.

T o u r o f H e r a L a c i n i a

Hera Lacinia

We can organise an interesting guided tour through the historical ruins of the archaeological site of Hera Lacinia, where it is possible to visit the homonymous Sanctuary of Capo Colonna. The monument was one of the most important sanctuaries in the city of Crotone during the 4th century AD.

T o u r o f S i l a


Inland, our guests can visit Santa Severina, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and reach San Giovanni in Fiore, which hosted Joachim, a well-known theologian and founder of the Florense Abbey. From this location it is possible to reach the foothills of the Sila plateau, which is home to the most important National Park in Calabria. A magical place for nature lovers, with its mountain peaks, larch pine woods, plateaus and lakes that characterize it.