O u r S t o r y

Albino Bianchi is a sensitive and passionate winemaker, together with his wife Clara Ranieri, led the evolution of the company, marked by a harmonious balance between tradition and innovative solutions.

The Bianchi spouses, making use of prestigious oenological consultancies, have focused on the respect and enhancement of the territory which, thanks to a unique combination of soil, altitude and microclimate, allows the production of wines with an unrepeatable personality.

Today, alongside Albino and Clara is their daughter Dorina Bianchi, who has always been a participant in the political and social reality of the territory, thanks to her the company she has embraced a responsible and organic approach to crops. However, Dorina Bianchi’s commitment goes far beyond the borders of Pizzuta, aiming to make the entire territory grow, starting with the protection and enhancement of the precious habitat of the naturalistic oasis of the Foce del Neto. Together, with her company, she follows the course of this “river of history”, to be made known and re-lived.

Our Story

D o c t o r . A l b i n o , p e r s o n a l l y f o l l o w s a l l s t a g e s o f p r o d u c t i o n


The winery: designed and built in the early nineties of the last century by Albino Bianchi; a pharmacist of old family descent. It is integrated with the landscape, respecting tradition and naturalness. With the production of excellent wines, La Pizzuta redeems the native vines of this land which is a lost memory of the ancient Greeks.

Our vines

Today Pizzuta del Principe produces nine different labels including whites, reds and rosés. We prefer native vines such as Pecorello, Magliocco, Greco Nero, Gaglioppo and Greco Bianco, but among our wines there are also bottles of international vines such as Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Who we are

O u r F a m i l y

Albino Bianchi


Dr. Albino Bianchi is a wine enthusiast pharmacist and follows all stages of production with great attention and is assisted by technicians and specialists in the sector. He is the husband of the owner of the farm, Clara Ranieri.

Dorina Bianchi

Dr. Dorina Bianchi, daughter of the owner Albino, is a radiologist and political figure of national importance. She was a deputy for four legislatures as well as a senator and undersecretary at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism. Today, together with her parents, she manages Pizzuta with dedication.

This is the path I have chosen: the earth! this is the passion, fulfillment of the soul: the olive tree! this is the pride of being: the vine!

La pizzuta del Principe

A h u n d r e d y e a r s o f h i s t o r y



The Ranieri family starts the farm for the production of oil and wine, preserves and products of the earth.



In this year, a new cellar was built and the labeling of some bottles under the name of Cantine Ranieri began. These are the labels: Donna Dora, Kalia, Scavello, Tesauro, Donna Clara, Melissa Bianco, Melissa Rosso, Serpito.



The vineyard reaches eight hectares and the new winery (as present day) is renovated under the name La Pizzuta del Principe.



The new labels as we know them today were born under the name La Pizzuta del Principe, which take the name of our vineyards in which the vine is grown or of a neighboring vineyard: Molarella, Calastrazza, Zingamaro, Santa Focà, Jaccaventu. Year V, Juvernu. Of the previous labels only Kalia and Scavello remain.



Production of Jacca Ventu Melissa Superiore begins. A fine wine that ages 24 months in cask and a further 6 months of refinement in the bottle.



The company is enriched with a further 5 hectares of vines. Reaching a production of 80,000 bottles.

La pizzuta

Wine is a living being. And I love to imagine the year in which the grapes for a wine grew. Whether there was a beautiful sunny climate or if it was raining. And I love to imagine the people who took care of and harvested those grapes. I love that wine continues to evolve.

Rex Pickett