O u r P r o d u c t i o n

Today La Pizzuta del Principe produces several labels including reds, whites, rosés and sparkling wines.

In every sip the sun, the sea, the taste of a simple land is rich in history.

R e d W i n e

S c a v e l l o r o s s o

This consists of a Carbernet sauvignon in the purest form. A soft wine that is full, clean and round in shape and persistent.

J a c c a V e n t u

From the native Gaglioppo vine comes this intense, dry and full-bodied wine. Its ruby red color will conquer you.

Z i n g a m a r o

Autumn and spicy scents emerge from the intense ruby color..

Made from 100% Greco Nero, it is warm and soft on the palate and supported by good persistence. It marries red meats, game meat and aged cheeses.

Intense wine made from Greco Nero grapes. The mouth is warm, soft and persistent, this wine is excellent to be enjoyed with red meats, game and aged cheeses.

J a c c a V e n t u S u p e r i o r e

It is the most authentic expression of the personality of the native gaglioppo vine and, together, of the terroir. The olfactory fan is particularly wide and deep. The taste has a lot of character, with dense but smooth tannins.

A n n o Q u i n t o

From the native Gaglioppo vines (60%) and Greco Nero (40%), this intense and complex wine matures 24 months in French oak barrel and then ages for 12 months in the bottle.

V i n i B i a n c h i

S c a v e l l o b i a n c o

The incredible kaleidoscope olfactory experiences of the Chardonnay vines that grew in this area of the South emerges with cleanliness and stands out for its soft, fresh and fruity taste.

S a n t a F o c à

Intense straw yellow. On the nose, the yellow fruit gives a savory feel with dry fruit touches. The taste is savory with a finish of yellow fruit.

A wine with an intense and fruity taste produced from Greco Bianco grapes, a native vine.

M o l a r e l l a

Intense and shimmering gold, born from the native Pecorello vine in purity. It offers fruity aromas with hints of honey and citrus. Full, tasty and persistent on the palate, it enhances the seafood cuisine.

Award-winning, Molarella comes from the 100% native Pecorello grape.

R o s é W i n e s

C a l a s t r a z z a

Rosé from 100% Magliocco grapes. Calastrazza is a Neto Rosato PGI.

Salmon rosé, returns in the glass as simple and fragrant scents of Magliocco grapes: raspberry and cherry, which confirm a perfect fresh/savory balance. Pleasant fruity closure, accompanies pasta and risotto first courses, white meats or fish.

O l i v e O i l

T h e E x t r a V i r g i n

Extra Virgin;  an organic nectar with a pungent taste

Besides the vineyards, 25 hectares of the estate are dedicated to olive trees. There are about ten thousand specimens and on average eighteen years old that have been cultivated organically with “winemaker” care. The olive grove also overlooks the last slopes overlooking the mouth of the Neto.

The varieties are Tonda di Strongoli, Carolea, Leccino, Nocellara and Frantoiana. At Pizzuta; the olives are harvested manually in the first ten days of October with mechanical aid. The fruits are cold pressed within 12 hours and the extract is preserved in stainless steel. A third of the production ends up abroad (Belgium but also France, Germany and Luxembourg).

Pizzuta extra virgin olive oil fascinates with scents that evoke the extraordinary habitat in which it is born. Dense, light gold with greenish reflections, it expresses itself with hints of vegetable aromas, intense hints of artichoke and in the mouth it strikes for the pleasant, long bitter-pungent trail.

It is also sold online at the company shop in a 0.5 liter bottle with a measuring cap and in cans of various sizes.