Our company reviewed in the prestigious La Repubblica guide. Five-starred Molarella.

The Pizzuta del Principe gets 5 stars for Molarella in the important guide “Guide to the Flavors and Pleasure of the Region” that La Repubblica dedicates to the Calabria region. A volume that, of course, only collects the companies and the restaurants of excellence and thus describes our cellar.

The cellar is home to the secular property of the Ranieri family, which has always been dedicated to the cultivation of vines, followed by passion and care by Albino Bianchi, renowned pharmacist and naturalist, husband of current owner Clara Ranieri who defines it as ” “Adding with self-love and bad admiration” and still continues without rest.

The guide reviews two labels of our cellar, Valerian Val of Netto IGT Bianco and Calastrazza Val of Neto IGT Rosato, which obtain respectively 5 and 4 stars respectively. The Pizzuta del Principe is one of the few wineries to have achieved such a remarkable result: 5 stars for Molarella that confirm the quality of our wines.

In addition, the article in the Guide to the Flavors and Pleasures of the Region refers to the attention to the quality that has always been the soul of our company:

And the cups overflow, and both push. Here is the wine-making company La Pizzuta del Principe showing the link with ancient Greece, but above all, witnessing the philosophy underlying the Alceo verse that tends to identify in the wine “the best drug”, inviting not to yield The soul of the misfortune “because we are tormented we will not get anything good”