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I G P a n d D O P c e r t i f i e d o r g a n i c w i n e s

La Pizzuta

T h e t a s t e o f t h e e a r t h a n d t h e s c e n t o f h i s t o r y

Our passion for viticulture has pushed us to recover the historic vines of our territory, saving them from extinction to preserve their inestimable value.

Today we cultivate them organically, with sustainable techniques, respecting the vineyards and our land.

Ours is not a story of numbers, hectares and turnover, but the story of women and men who continue to work the vine with passion, from winter pruning to harvest.

With the same philosophy in each bottle we pour, along with the wines, their history, their identity, their deep roots.

For this reason, with every sip, they speak of a unique land, tenacious and harsh, gentle and strong.

La pizzuta del principe

O u r p r o d u c t i o n


Anno Quinto

From the native gaglioppo and greco nero vines, this intense and complex wine ages 24 months in French oak barrels.


Jacca Ventu

It is the most authentic expression of the personality of the autochthonous gaglioppo grape and, at the same time, of the terroir.



Dal manto rubino intenso emergono sentori autunnali e speziati.
Caldo e morbido al palato, sostenuto da buona persistenza.


Jacca Ventu

Dall’autoctono vitigno gaglioppo nasce
questo vino intenso, asciutto e corposo.
Il suo colore rosso rubino vi conquisterà.


Scavello Rosso

Vivido rosso IGP nasce da uve cabernet sauvignon in purezza.
Un vino morbido, pieno e avvolgente, di bella rotondità e persistenza.



Oro intenso e luccicante, nasce dal vitigno autoctono pecorello in purezza.


Santa Focà

Paglierino intenso. All’olfatto la frutta gialla lascia il passo a soffi salini e di frutta secca che terminano con note leggermente smaltate.


Scavello Bianco

L’incredibile varietà di componenti aromatiche dello Chardonnay emerge alla perfezione in questo vino, morbido, fresco e fruttato.



Rosato da uve Magliocco 100%. Calastrazza è un IGP di Neto Rosato. 



Un nettare biologico dal gusto pungente.


Gaglioppo, Magliocco, Greco black & white and Pecorello, are the vineyards that have grown on this territory for centuries, with a strong agricultural vocation.

In the cellar you will find a shop where you can buy the tasted wines and gastronomic products of the local tradition.


E v e n t s

From spring to autumn we will be happy to welcome you to taste our wines in the cellar and taste the traditional gastronomic products of Calabria.


An ancient residence surrounded by vineyards and centuries-old olive trees. Simple flavors, as tradition dictates, fruits of a rich and prosperous land. An ideal location to spend a pleasant stay between nature and tradition.

La pizzuta del principe

O u r w i n e i s p o e t r y o f t h e e a r t h

When culture meets traditional flavors, when art is mixed with wine, Vinarte, the first cultural wine shop in Calabria, is born. Music, books, art, cultural encounters: Vinarte is a candidate to be a place of culture and enhancement of local products, where you can enjoy a good glass of wine from our cellar.

La pizzuta del principe

Our Shop

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